Intro to Boxing Combos


An introduction to boxing combos along with a quick review of your boxing fundamentals. You will learn three combinations and we will finish with some core work in this 19-minute video.

  4.7 out of 5 stars

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Video cuts off at 13:58 so not 19 minutes as advertised. I enjoyed it though! She's a great teacher.
krista bracy at 2021-01-20

I love boxing, I'm having so much fun. Great video, Georgina is so motivating! <3 As another commenter wrote, video ends at the start of the plank so think that needs to be fixed, but I did the boxing stretches after my plank.
Deborah Hadley at 2021-01-19

Loved learning actual boxing moves :-)
Miriam Taylor at 2021-01-16

Great quick work out that got me sweating and made me feel strong! Super fun!
Carly at 2021-01-09

video cut off in the middle of the plank exercise, but other than that, loved this! great way to learn the basics and practice combos!
Marlin Duro at 2021-01-04

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