Functional 101


Here is where you will learn functional exercises that will help with everyday life. When you feel comfortable you can use household products to give you more of a challenge.    More

  3.4 out of 5 stars

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I like the emphasis on functional strength training in this video. As others have said, the video cuts off before the last reps are finished. A short cool down idea might be nice too.
Lauren Klaffke at 2021-01-19

trina at 2021-01-19

Video cuts off abruptly.
Bethany at 2021-01-18

I liked this functional workout, but the long pauses (describing household objects etc) and the cutoff at the end really threw me off. Wendy's encouragement was great, but it was really hard to get into a groove.
Elisabeth Trenta at 2021-01-16

I really liked it, but the video cuts off before the workout is over!
Bethany Weber at 2020-12-09

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