Focused Power 8.1


Interval Focus (.1) Base Level. HIIT-inspired cardio workout. *Focused Power is an 18- workout series combining cardio, muscle strengthening, agility and plyometric exercises. Each...   More

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This series just keeps getting better and better. This was probably the most challenging workout but I still loved it. Also WHYYY are arms circles so damn torturous?!?!
jillyoo at 2021-01-15

Great workout! I've loved this series - and you as an instructor precisely because of a thing which you talked about in this video - I saw we were going to do planks and my immediate thought was "oh I can't do a plank." But throughout this whole series you have encouraged us to go "well, let's see what I CAN do" and I'm pleased to report that actually I could do a plank! In fact, I took the plank to the floor (still on my forearms but!). Thank you for helping me to empower myself!
Remy at 2021-01-11

omg, I am sweaty and exhausted but not so much I am unable to move. this was a perfect workout. loved the talking while still keeping it moving between sets. will def do this again.
Jay at 2020-12-30

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