Focused Power 5.3 - Intensified Level


Total Body Power (.3) Intensified Level. Total body muscle strengthening workout. Focused Power is a 18-workout series combining cardio, muscle strengthening, agility and plyometric exercises. Each workout has a (.1 - Base Level), (.2 - Mid Level) and (.3 - Intensified Level) to help you gain focused POWER at the level that serves YOU best.

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I really love working out with Kanoa! Her energy is everything, and I'm always surprised when a workout is over.
Elizabeth Manning at 2020-11-18

Dutifully adding stars for workouts you already know I love BUT, milestone moment, I did all of the arm circles all the way through for the first time! Of course, now you are going to go on and add weights and I won't be able to do that, but when it stops being hard we stop growing!!
Remy at 2020-11-08

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