Ease Into Sleep


This class is situated on the ground and includes a mix of breath, gentle movement and restorative postures to help prepare your mind and body for a restful night of sleep.

  4.6 out of 5 stars

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A nice gentle restorative practice for any time of day, highly recommend. I wish I could create a playlist for sleep with this in it but it doesn't look like I can even "like" any of Jessica's classes. I'll keep checking back to see if that changes.
Dana Garza at 2021-01-25

Eleanor at 2021-01-04

Cailin at 2021-01-04

Jessica has such a lovely calming presence. This is a nice gentle practice that really stretches the hips and legs out, perfect for before bed.
Claire Slesinski at 2020-12-14

argh always so excited for one of your classes and there's a glitch that keeps it from finishing, as other commenters have said. Hope it gets fixed soon! Wish there was a way I could subscribe to your classes!
Kirsten at 2020-12-02

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