Dance Crush Contemporary


Dance Crush is a multi-part series that offers different styles, genres, and textures of dance so that you can explore what feels good for you. This is contemporary dance class where you'll move through a warm-up and learn the choreography of a contemporary routine.

  4.5 out of 5 stars

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Victoire Sessego at 2021-01-24

This was exactly what I needed. I love to dance but often it's hard to find fun choreo that's easy enough to learn but you still feel like you're learning new and exciting ways of moving.More like this!
Mia Claire Bloomfield at 2021-01-13

Really loved this combination! More please!
Katy Wiggins at 2021-01-09

Absolutely loved this. My partner and I had so much fun with these moves and smiled the whole time. Thank you!!
Melissa at 2021-01-02

Not really
agata at 2020-12-17

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