Dance Crush - 90s Groove-along


Dance Crush is an up-beat multi-part series that offers different styles, genres, and textures of dance so that you can explore what feels good for you. This is a low-impact cardio dance groove-along that takes it back to the 90s with basic foundation hip-hop steps like the Janet, the Snake, the Butterfly, and more.

  4.4 out of 5 stars

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It was fun and nostalgic, positive energy, easy to follow!
Rachel Contos at 2021-01-25

Loved it! Easy to follow, even for a dance newb like me. Can't wait to do another!
Sarah Mars at 2021-01-19

LOVED this class so much, I will definitely be back! Great pacing and explanations, and fun throwback moves.Thank you Heather!
Stina at 2021-01-15

Lots of fun!
Shanon Axtell at 2021-01-15

Tons of fun and just the right amount of intensity! Kind of wish there was more explanation of the moves because I had like NO idea what I was doing half the time haha but it was still a blast! Plus, I'm sure I'll be better the second time around!
Emily Hutton at 2021-01-13

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