Chair Sun Flow


This class was created to embrace your body with kindness and compassion. These Restorative yoga classes can be done lying down, seated, or standing. Take your time and do what feels good...   More

  5 out of 5 stars

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These are my favorite for lounge movement, they have no compression but are super comfortable and easy!

- Anna

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I love to wear this piece as a long tunic! This can be used for movement or as a cute dress!

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Wonderful flow, great background music. I love the way the instructor talked through everything but didn't have too much of a pause between moves.
Kat H at 2021-01-25

Really lovely stretching!
Elizabeth Smith at 2021-01-23

I love Anna's tips about moving our legs to let our bellies hang! Always a great reminder that there are ways to get the stretch I'm looking for, with modifications.
J Aprileo at 2021-01-20

this was my first joyn video and made me want to stay with it. I love seeing a body that looks like mine as a leader! it puts me in such a good mood and gives me a bit of energy and a sense of calm. it\'s short enough to do on a break and there\'s a few variations as she goes through the flow so you can do a part of it and not the whole thing if you don\'t have the full 10 minutes.
Michelle Wages at 2021-01-20

Anna is amazing! It’s so great to see a body that looks like mine moving. I’m in tears. Thank you!
Isabella Gitana at 2021-01-19

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